Six Seasons of Bangladesh

Six Seasons of Bangladesh

A country of six seasons

Well, we have never experienced of having harsh winter or warm rather we get congenial weather all the year round! We are in the sub-tropical area, specifically, in South-Asia. Yes, I am talking about Bangladesh.

It is known as a land of rivers! Mostly, it is a plain land with some hilly areas. We have the longest sandy sea-beach ( Cox’s Bazar) and mangrove forest (the Sundarbans) where Royal Bengals live in.

It is a wonder that we have six different seasons. And, each of them is different and noticeable! Of course, we have 12 months in a year but there are two seasons in a month.

These six seasons are Summer, Rainy season, Autumn, Late Autumn, Winter and Spring ( Of course they have Bangla names). As per Bangla calendar, Bangla year starts with Summer. So, there is a celebration on the very first day of summer. We call it Nababarsha.

Here, Summer is really too hot! If I do travel outside of Dhaka, I like to observe and enjoy the landscape during this season. Sometimes it seems lands are parching under the furious sun! Parched and cracked! Obviously, strong wind and storms come mostly later part of the days, sometimes with hale. So, it is better to get the hanging clothes inside the room before going out!

In this season we enjoy many juicy fruits like Jack- fruit, Mango, Pine- Apple, Berries ( they are not like black berries instead they are sweet, a bit sour but more tasty, I bet!) and many more. Jack- fruit is our national fruit.


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